Player registration

The players for each team in the league and reserves must be registered with the league secretary by 31 May

The registration form for 2019 is now available: 2020 player registration.pdf.  It should be used by club secretaries only.

Each team in the rinks league should register at least 8 players. Each team in the triples league should register at least 6 players. There is no limit to the number of reserves.

After 31 May players must play in the league in which they are registered. Players registered in the rinks league must play only in the rinks league. Players registered for the triples league must play only in the triples league. Reserves can play in either league but after 31 May if they play in either the rinks league or triples league more than twice they can only play in that league for the remainder of the season.

Clubs with multiple teams in either the rinks or triples league may play a player registered to play in a lower team 'up' into a higher team. If, after 31 May, the same player plays 'up' more than twice then they can play only in that league for the remainder of the season. Players in a higher team must not play 'down' into a lower team. 

Clubs may add new players to their list of registered players at any time. This should be in a text or email to the league secretary dated and timed before they play in any league match.

There are penalties for playing an unregistered player or a registered player in the incorrect league or team - click on 'Rules' on the top line for more details.