Clubs need to ensure they affiliate to the Association and make their league entries by 14 January each year. The leagues are then configured and the fixtures published at the Council meeting held in the first week of February.

In 2019 there were two leagues (A and B) playing rinks and two leagues (A and B) playing triples. 

In the rinks the A league had 9 teams and the B league 7 teams. 

In the triples there were also be two leagues (A and B), the A with 7 teams and the B with 6. 

The fixture lists were published under each division (tabs left) at the Council meeting on Friday 8 February.   

The fixture grids - and subsequent cumulative results and up to date league tables - will be available under the same tabs as the season gets underway.

Each team plays home and away from late April/ early May to the end of August, although weather and unforeseen events might cause some dates and times to be re-arranged by mutual consent.

Only bowls clubs affiliated to S&DWBA are eligible to play in the league but they may apply for as many teams to represent their club as they wish. Entrants to the league join the lowest league in the first instance.

All players playing in league matches must be registered with the league secretary by 31 May of the current season. See the 'player registration' tab on the left hand side of this page for more information.

After each league match both teams are required to complete the match record (see side tab for template). The home team must also notify the league secretary by text or e-mail the results of each rink by 7pm, and ensure the match record is complete and sent by post (or scanned and sent electronically) to the league secretary as soon as practicable. Both teams should retain their score cards in case of dispute.  

The match results and current league positions will be published on the website and soon as the results have been received and can be compiled (see tab for each league on the left hand side of this page). Clubs are invited to download these as they wish to publish on their members' notice board.  

At the Annual General Meeting in November 2018 the rules of the Association were changed to incorporate the triples league. There was also a general tidy up of the league section and all clubs and players are strongly recommended to read this carefully and be sure to follow them from the 2019 season. It is available under the rules tab on the top line. 

Any queries or concerns about any aspect of the league should be raised with the league secretary, Chris Robinson, telephone 01329 235272 or email chrisrobinson153@btinternet.com