Club championship

2019 champions: Hyde Abbey

A new competition introduced in 2014 as a test of the various skills and talents for all forms of the game. The matches are played usually on a fixed Sunday (see dates below), but clubs may agree to play on an earlier date. 

Clubs will need 11 players (and reserve) on the day. The home team will need to provide 5 rinks to play on, 2 markers and, if possible, an umpire or at least a neutral arbiter.  

The matches are:

2 wood singles (21 ends)

4 wood singles (first to 21 shots)

Pairs (21 ends)

Triples (18 ends)

Rinks (21 ends) 

All matches must to played to a conclusion, with an extra end if necessary. 

The club winning the most matches (at least 3) goes through to the next round.

History of previous winners: Club championship 2014 - 2019.pdf

2020 draw: will be published here in early June.

Dates for 2020: round 1 - 12 July; quarter finals - 2 August; semi finals - 16 August to be played on neutral green; final during finals week, likely Saturday, 12 September. Clubs considering entering are asked particularly to note these dates, advise their club fixture secretary and provisionally book their green well in advance.