Who we are...

The Association has seven officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, League Secretary, Competitions Secretary, Match Secretary). All of these are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The retiring Past President continues for one further year after their stint as President to act as Deputy President. Clubs are approached in turn each year to nominate the Vice President who will also serve as President and Past President in subsequent seasons. 

Currently (up to November 2019) these posts are held by:

President: Lorraine Prior (Sports Centre)

Vice President: Valerie Hyett (Banister Park)

Past President: Barbara Sparling (Southampton Old Green)

Secretary: Janet Ballard (Waterside)

Treasurer: Alice Green (County)

League Secretary: Chris Robinson (Meon Valley)

Competitions Secretary: Lyn Kirby (Banister Park)

Match Secretary: Jill Meager (County).

This is the Committee for the Association which usually meets four times a year.

An independent examiner (of accounts) is also elected: to be confirmed. 

The committee and one member from each affiliated club (see tab on left hand side for more details) form the Council - this usually meets twice a year in September and February.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in November. All members of affiliated clubs may attend, two elected delegates from each affiliated club may vote. Propositions for the AGM must be sent in writing to the Secretary of the Association by 1 September.